Quick Start: TRADE LOG

These 5 steps will have you up and running with the Forex Trade Log right away.

Then explore the complete Knowledge Base to deepen your understanding of how to get the most out of this powerful tool for your Forex Trading.

Set Up Your Initial Account
  1. Choose Accounts tab
  2. Click “New”
  3. Enter your broker’s details
  4. It is important to get the GMT setting correct for your broker, right from the start of using your new account. Study the GMT info soon too.
Turn On Some Parameters
  1. Choose the Setup tab
  2. Click the standard parameters you want to track for each trade
  3. Optionally: add any custom parameters you also want.
  4. At any time you can come back and add or deselect parameters.
Enter Some Trades
  1. Choose Trade Input tab
  2. Enter the details about a trade
  3. Use the tab key to quickly move around from field to field
  4. Add screenshots and notes
  5. Click ‘new trade’ at the top of the tab to begin entering another trade

Your work is automatically saved when you go to a different tab or start a new trade

Analyze The Trades
  1. Choose the Summary tab
  2. Pick a time frame that includes the trades you have entered
  3. See how these trades did
Back Up Your Data
  1. After each session, go to the File menu and choose Backup Data
  2. Store your important data somewhere safe, such as a cloud server (Google Drive, AWS, Dropbox, etc.) or an offsite location on hard drive.
  3. If you don't backup your entire hard drive for some reason but backup specific files manually – remember to backup the Trade Log database, which is in AppData.

Explore The Complete Knowledge Base

Each tab of the Trade Log is illustrated in depth in the Knowledge Base for the Trade Log.