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Using the Analysis Tab

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The Analysis Tab is one of the most powerful features of the Forex Smart Tools Trade Log – gain mastery of your trading by getting to know how to use this function well.

Each Row Is A Link To Its Trade

Each row of the analysis report window is an active link. Click the row to open up the Trade Input tab for that trade and see or edit all the details about that particular trade.

Clicking a multi-leg trade will open up the Allocation Breakdown window for that trade, showing you the individual legs of the trade.

When you come to the Allocation Breakdown window of a multi-leg trade from the Analysis tab, you can choose whether to go back to the Analysis tab or go further on and see the Trade Input tab for that trade.

Screenshots for any trade can be viewed directly in the Analysis tab without leaving the analysis tab; turn on screenshots in the filter editor for your presets.

Pick the Column To Sort By

You can pick any one of the columns you currently see in your chosen preset to be the one determining the order of trades you are looking at. You do this by simply clicking at the top of the column on that column’s name.

Example: These trades are sorted by Entry Time

You can then see which column is determining the sort because it will have a small arrow just after the column name, as shown above.

Each time you click the column name you change the sort order. The first click will sort from A ➔ Z or 1 ➔ 9. Clicking a second time will re-sort from Z ➔ A or 9 ➔ 1. Each time you click the direction of the little arrow in the header will change as well.

View Options: Choose To Scroll Or See Pages

Set Up Your Basic Preferences For The Analysis Tab Here

If you have more trades than fit in the length of one page you have the choice about how you want to view all your information.

  1. See all your trades together on one page and use your mouse or the up/down arrow buttons to scroll thru the information, or…
  2. Have your trades divided into multiple pages that you view individually by clicking an arrow. This choice lets you see your column names as headings while you look thru your trades.
The arrows to view each page are found under the Forex Smart Tools logo at the top of the page (or by choosing to turn off full page headers in settings).

To navigate between these two options, choose Settings at the top of the Trade Log and then Analysis. When you open the Settings menu for Analysis, you will see 3 tabs at the top: Default Fields / Page Footer / Rows. Choose Rows. If you choose to paginate you will also determine for yourself how many rows (i.e. trades) you see on each page.

If you paginate, note that the stats at the bottom of each column are for all the trades in all pages, not just the trades on that one page.

View Options: Dealing With Long Names In The Footer

The FOOTER gives you a summary of the trades in each column. For numeric fields you can see the sum, high, low and average values. For the fields of type Option you can see a count of how many of each option you have in the selected trades you are viewing.

In some cases, you may find that long parameter names make it harder to view your analysis reports. The Trade Log gives you control over how to view these names.

Begin by click Analysis under the Settings menu (as above). Choose the middle tab Page footer.

You are first given a choice whether to see the footer or turn it off entirely. To hide the footer deselect the checkbox “Show footer”.

Play with the other 3 options to see which serves you best. These options stay in effect and govern all your presets – they are not specific to any one preset.

The choice to Group single references to save space has to do with columns (fields) of type Option. With these parameters you can see a count of how many of each specific option you have in the selected trades you are viewing.

For instance, the field Currency is an option type. Here is an example of how long the footer for it can get and how turning on Group Single References can help tame a long list:

The link for SINGLES will only appear if you choose to group single references to save space.

Standardizing Lot Type and Currency

What if you have several different brokers whose trades you want to analyze all together – and some of your brokers use standard lots while others use mini lots or units – and in some you are holding your assets in EUROS while in others you are holding your assets in USD.

This kind of complexity is no problem for the Forex Smart Tools Trade Log. It gives you the choice of how you want to view each report, both in terms of lot type and currency. In this way you can compare apples with apples and oranges with oranges and the truth of your trading will easily emerge in a standardized format.

To see the menus for choosing lot type and currency, roll over the Forex Smart Tools logo at the top of the page (or turn off full page headers in settings).

The choices you make here will stay in effect for all the preset reports you view.

Choose How Many Digits to See for Lot Size

The account set up for lot type and the display preference for lot type are independent of each other.

Mini-lots are always shown with one number after the point.
Standard lots use 2 numbers after the point.
Units show 6 digits per lot without any decimal point.

You can change the display preference to see your lots in any manner you like without changing any of the essential information about your trade or your broker’s account. Even if you have set up an account using standard lots, you can independently set it up to DISPLAY everything as mini-lots.

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