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Using a Parameter for Status

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Can I use the Log to monitor potential trades… only some of which I may take?

Yes! This is a classic example of how you can combine the use of a custom parameter with the filter options of the analysis tab to separate any two things into distinct groups that you can then do individual work with or analysis about.

In this case we’ll separate pending trades that are filled and entered into from pending trades that we’re still considering or that we now want to delete.

In this movie we demonstrate creating a custom parameter called ‘status’ as type ‘option’. We then create two options for this parameter: ‘pending’ and ‘filled’. As we see potential trades set up, we enter relevant info into the trade input tab, and we set the ‘status’ parameter to ‘pending’.

From the analysis tab, we choose the preset ‘Open trades’. Then click Edit and turn on the field ‘status’. It now shows up as a column. Click the top of the column to sort it, which groups pending trades together and filled trades together.

Note: open trades never show up on the Summary page. Summary is only for closed trades, so these pending trades will not influence your summaries.

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