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Using 2 Computers

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If you own the Forex Smart Tools Trade Log you are entitled to 2 licenses for yourself. Many traders use a laptop and a desktop, or trade at work and at home, and this plan accommodates that.

To begin your second license go to the Download page on our site and install the software on your other computer. Licensing will begin from that installation.

If you are on the installment / lease / trial plan, you may have a second license at the completion of your lease.

Sharing your Trade Log Data between 2 computers

There is not an automatic synch tool in the Trade Log, but you can use any cloud system like google drive or a service like DropBox to access the Trade Log database on any computer you have your Smart Tools license set up on. 

Here’s what to do:

1) Begin by setting up DropBox onto both computers. Do not open up different accounts for each installation – just log into your existing account from both computers.
Note that the DropBox icon is available in your task bar after you install the program. Click ‘Open Dropbox folder’ from that Taskbar icon. Within your general DropBox folder, you can set up new folders, just as you would on your Windows desktop. You can create a folder called ‘FST backup’ or whatever name you like. You may also want to create an alias or shortcut to these sub-folders on each computer so they are fast to access from your desktop in the future.

2) On your first computer, choose File > Backup Data from within the Trade Log. Pay attention to which folder you are writing that backup file to, so you can then find that file and drag it into your DropBox Folder.

3) On your second computer simply open your Trade Log, choose File > Restore Data. Find the Dropbox folder on your Desktop, and navigate to your subfolder (such as ‘FST backup’).

You can also do this with a thumb drive or USB drive of course too or Google drive cloud storage – but this is a fast and easy way to do it. It also serves as a temporary off site backup for your data file as well. Double benefit.

Just keep track of which is the most recent file you are using.  The Trade Log automatically suggests the data and time for the name of the backup file when you choose to backup your data, so if you go with that suggestion for the title of the backup zip file, you can use that to help you keep track of which backup is most recent. 

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