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Troubleshoot: Progress Tracker

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Missing trades or trades on wrong days

If you are not seeing trades show up on the Progress Tracker at all, or are not seeing them appear on the days, weeks or months you expect to see them, the problem is due to how you have set up your GMT offset with your broker.

In brief, you have the time incorrectly set up so the Trade Log interprets that you took your trade on day x, while you remember having placed it on day w.

In this way the trade is incorrectly parsed into a different time slot (such as a different day) than you expect it to be.

To understand how to set the GMT offset correctly, learn more.

Equity display problems

If you are looking at an equity % and it does not seem right to you, please see this article on troubleshooting equity to learn more.

The page is blank

If you go to the Progress Tracker tab and find it entirely blank the problem is most often caused by having it set to dates for which there are no trades.

Roll over the logo at the top and choose a date range when you know you have trades and the display should pop up.

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