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Troubleshooting Summaries

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The trades shown on my Summary tab for ‘today’ do not match the trades I took today.

This problem is caused by not having the correct broker offset GMT time chosen for your broker on the account tab of the Trade Log.

This is where the GMT offset is set or adjusted

The Trade Log is trying to find what trades match ‘today’ when you ask for that on the Summary tab, but it bases its understanding of time on this GMT offset. This is particular to each broker you use, not where you live. Learn More about the GMT offset.

If you have trades that are not matching the times, you can delete them and re-import them after you have corrected the GMT offset for that broker. Ideally it’s something you want to test with the first trade you import or manually enter, to make sure you’ve got it right before you proceed too far.

Some of my parameters are not showing up on the Summary tab

There are three things to check when this is the case:

  1. Have you checked your parameters on on the Setup tab
Parameters are hidden until they are clicked on √

2) Have you selected your parameters that you want to use on the Summary tab using the Settings menu > Summary layout?

3) How have you set up your parameters on the setup page? Only parameters that are created to be type: OPTION are shown on the Summary page. This refers to how you originally created the parameter when you established it on the Setup tab.

This is the dialog you see when you create a new custom parameter on the Setup Tab

Here’s the logic to the Summary page: you are looking at groups of same things and seeing how they are behaving as a group.

For example… let’s say you have a few strategies, like ‘breakout’, ‘squeeze’ and ‘London Reversal’. On the Summary page, you can see “how do all my trades work if I use the breakout strategy? Am I overall winning or losing?”

But if you enter your parameters as text or as numbers, they are not accessible as groups. You might enter numbers for various prices used for stop, and they would be scattered all over the place with so much variation that the idea of grouping them really didn’t make sense. That is the thinking behind why the Trade Log does not show numbers or text in the summary page.

If you want to use a fixed number for the pips to stop instead, you could set it up as an option field. 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 etc. – then the Log would group all the trades you had placed in which you used a 29 pip stop, a 30 pips stop and so on – and show you how well or poorly those behaved as a group.

Of course, you can work the filters function within the Analysis tab to get much the same summary-revelation with the numbers parameters… a little more work but possible.

Understanding the Net % Column on the Summary tab

Think of this % reading as a measurement between your wins and losses, based upon the amount of money you gained or lost:

The formula is actually win $ ÷ (win $ + losses $).

It is not based upon the number of trades taken and won or lost, but purely upon money. There are many different ways to measure success, and this is one of the many.

The main thing is that you can use this value to compare strategies within the Trade Log summary page, one to another. You can also re-word this to yourself as such: “When I think of the totality of money involved in this particular strategy – money going out and money coming in – how much came in?

Here’s an example: In the case of Strategy One the total money involved is 623.81 + 513.47 = 1,137.28. Of that amount, 623.81 are wins. 623.81÷1137.28 = 54.9% win percentile.

An example from the Summary tab
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