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Trades Not Showing Up

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My trade doesn’t show up on the Analysis tab (or the Summary tab)

There are a few reasons for trades not showing up on the Summary page:

1) Are you looking for closed trades only? The summary and analysis pages are only designed to show closed and completed trades. If you want to see open trades, you’d use the open trade preset on the analysis page. For a trade to be closed it must show these components:

  • entry time
  • entry price
  • exit time
  • exit price
  • lot size
  • currency pair
  • net profit or loss

If you choose that trade and then look in the drop down menu of the trade input page and see it show as yellow or red, then you know the Log is alerting you to the fact that the trade is considered to still be open.

2) Have you worked with the dates and times correctly? Learn More.

3) The summary tab is designed to show trades based on their exit times. Let’s say you’re a swing trader and you opened a trade last week. You closed it this week. If you were looking at the summary for last week, that trade would not show up on those listings at all, but it would show up on the listings for this week.

4) On the analysis tab check that your preset report is showing a date range that includes the date of the trade you’re looking for. If your trade was placed 3 days ago, but your preset is set to show today – that trade won’t show up.

Seeing Open Trades

There are two unique places that an open trade will show up.

1) On the Analysis tab using the preset ‘Open Trades’.
2) In the Trade Input tab in the recent trades drop down menu, where open trades are shown in red. If you have many recently viewed trades, remember that you may not be seeing all of them in this menu, depending on how many trades you have chosen to display at a time there (Learn More).

If you have an open trade that does not show up through either of these ways, perhaps the Trade Log is not recognizing it as open, and instead thinks it is closed. One thing that may be tripping you up with this is if you have manually entered zero ( 0 ) in any of the values, such as exit price or gross value, thinking that the 0 was a place holder for you to mark an open trade or something – or perhaps you imported a broker’s statement that uses zeroes in this way.

The Trade Log sees this 0 as a valid entry and if all the components of a closed trade are filled in, it will consider that trade closed. It is not evaluating what value is used (and indeed, 0 could be a valid gross price for a closed break even trade).

If you’ve done this, simply go to each of those input boxes and clear out any entry whatsoever. Then the trade will register as open once again. You can find any 0 values by setting up a filter for these in the Analysis tab presets.

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