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The Last Import Preset

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If you use the import broker’s report function to bring trades into your Trade Log you will notice a unique preset report appear on the Analysis tab called LAST IMPORT.

The Analysis tab is automatically opened up for you as you finish using the import wizard, showing you all the trades from the most recent import.

This is what you see at the end of importing trades

As soon as you do a new import then the next new bunch of trades comes in and takes the place of these trades in the last import report.

Trades are not held in the Trade Log in groupings of when they were imported or by the broker’s statement.

Trades are held in the Log by all the parameters shown in the Trade Input window though, so you can create your own custom preset in the Analysis tab and find those specific trades again at any point in the future. Use a filter or combination of filters such as ticket number, currency or date range to isolate whatever trades you are seeking to find.

If for any reason you changed your mind about having these trades in your Trade Log, you could immediately delete them by clicking the red X next to the preset name.

Q: I just imported trades, but where are the trades I imported last week?

When you do an import, you are then deposited on the Analysis tab with your most recently imported trades showing. You can always see those trades once again by choosing Last Import as the preset under analysis. You can click or double-click any line of that report and it takes you to the trade input tab for that particular trade, where you can fill in more details.

The trade input tab does not automatically show you all the trades (this week’s and last week’s), nor does the recently viewed drop down menu on the Trade input tab (because you’ve yet to ‘view’ each trade on the Trade Input tab).

The only way to see each trade is to access them either from the Analysis tab or the Accounts tab, via the edit equity link for that broker – which also lets you double click to see each trade back on the Trade Input tab.

Now of course, let’s say you imported 9 trades last week, and this week you imported 7 more. The 9 trades from last week are no longer visible under “Last Import”, right? Because now you’re looking at the recent 7. Last Import = the most recent import. To see all of the trades, you’d use another of the standard presets or you’d create a new preset with the specifics you want – perhaps just that broker or for a specific time period.

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