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Swap, Commission, Gross & Net

On the Trade Input Tab you will always see Swap, Gross and Net displayed. If your broker also charges you Commission, turn on this parameter on the Setup tab and you will then see it on the Trade Input tab as well.


Swap may be called rollover, interest or carry by your broker. You will be credited it or charged this amount if your trade is held past the daily rollover time your broker sets.

Typically each currency pair has its own swap value. Some pairs generate a positive swap and you actually make a little money holding them thru rollover. Most pairs generate a negative swap and you are charged for holding them.

As you enter swap into the information about your trade, make sure you are entering it correctly – either as a positive or negative value.

Once you enter your swap it is automatically added or subtracted from the Gross value you enter to give you your Net value. A positive number will be added to gross and a negative number will be subtracted from gross.


Some brokers offer better spreads, but charge you a fee based on your lot size for each trade. This is commission. Commission is always subtracted from gross.

  • A positive number will be subtracted from gross.
  • A negative number will be subtracted from gross.

It doesn’t matter if you enter the minus sign before the number you enter.

Gross & Net

Net is calculated automatically for you by the Trade Log by taking the amount you enter or import for Gross value and then

  • Adding positive swap or rollover.
  • Subtracting negative swap or rollover.
  • Subtracting commission.

If you manually enter your trades, make sure you know whether your broker is reporting net or gross values to you.

If your broker only shows you net values you will have to manually back out swap and commission to enter the gross value in the Log, or enter swap and commission as 0.

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