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Set Goals by Color

By setting your own goals and color coding them, you can see at a glance how well you are doing are where you need to improve.

From the Settings menu choose Progress Tracker.

Choose Progress tracker from the Settings menu

The dialog box that opens has 3 tabs at the top:

Goals – set targets and colors

There are 4 tabs WITHIN the Goals tab of this setting

When you click the first tab, GOALS, notice that you can set different goals for each day, each week, each month and each year. Of course, you don’t have to set a goal for any time period. Each is optional and is totally up to you.

Simply click the ADD button and you can pick your color, whether it is a gain or a loss and you can name it as you like. Naming is optional.

Each time period will have its own goals, and these are each set on their own tabs here.

The following movie walks you thru using this setting with daily goals:

In the following movie you can see setting up weekly, monthly or yearly goals in the Progress Tracker and why these will each want to be different than daily goals you may set.

Columns – what do you want to see

Use this to determine how much of each row is colored
Example: Columns Change and Net have been clicked on

To have an entire row show as the color, check ON all the checkboxes within the dialog box.

Watch this movie about how turning on different columns will appear

Display – blanks or no blanks

The 3rd tab in this dialog

If you want a visual display that shows you when you took a day (week or month) off, you can click this on. With it left unchecked only those time periods that have trading action to report on will show up on the page.

  • If you don’t trade a day, your daily value will be 0%.
  • If you want to see at a glance your daily pattern of trading, click the checkbox on next to ‘Show blank periods‘.
  • If you’re just interested in how you do each day you do trade, click it off.
  • This setting also pertains to blank weeks, months or years.
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