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Set An Option As Default

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Parameters of type:OPTION are very powerful. One of the ways you can customize them is to create one as a default value.

You can create as many custom parameters of type option as you like. Several of the standard Parameters the Trade Log comes with are also of type:option such as

  • Session Name
  • Strategy
  • Loss-recovery Strategy
  • Entry Trigger
  • Ideal Stop
  • Tax Code
  • Exit Trigger
  • Ideal Exit

If there is a particular option you use more often than not, you can set it as the default. That means it will be pre-selected for you when you begin entering a new trade. You can overwrite that selection if you want of course too.

The dot shows which option is the default

As you set up your option type parameters you will notice that if an option is the default, it appears as bold in the list of names and has a dot to the left side. To turn off the option as a default choice, again right-click on its name and again choose ‘set as default’, to turn this off. Like a light-switch, each right-click turns it on or off.

More Info About Type:Option

Options can hold text or numbers, but you must select the possible values in advance on the Setup Tab. You don’t create them on the fly in the Trade Input tab.

After you create the new parameter of type option, you then click the word options next to the parameter name. Right-click to add, edit or remove each option. You can come back at any time to modify your options.

When you input a trade on the Trade input tab, the option you create for these parameter types appear as a drop down menu for you to choose from. You can modify the order of these options within the drop down menu. On the setup tab click the word options then drag each one into the order you like.

Q: Is there a way I can set a default value for a parameter for all the trades I import?

You can set a default value for any option parameter you create from the Setup tab, but this default value is not ‘set’ or recorded until you visit the Trade Input tab for that trade.

When you see your completed import on the Analysis tab Last Import preset, you could click each trade to open it up in the trade input tab and that will establish or write the default setting for that parameter. This is fine if you don’t import too many trades at a time or plan on opening each trade up anyway.

If you have more trades though it will be easier for you to use the Batch operation that is available at the top of the Analysis tab. When you choose Batch, it will change the value of the parameter you choose for all the trades you see in that current preset report.

If the value you want to set is not in an option parameter then using the default value of a parameter is not an option – but the Batch function will work with any type of parameter, including text or number parameters.

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