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Seeing Groups of Brokers

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There may be times you want to see a snapshot of your trading covering many different brokerage accounts all at once – this is what a Broker Group is for.

There are times you may want to see all your brokers at once – in which case you’ll use ALL. There are times you may want to see just one broker – in which case you’ll choose just that one broker to look at from the Broker drop down menu. But let’s say you wanted to look at trades you’ve been making in just these 3 brokers, not all 5. This is a perfect application of the Broker Group ability.

Broker ABC
Broker DEF
Broker GHI
Broker 123
Broker 987

Once you set up a Broker Group it is saved and available to use at any time in the Summary Tab and in the Progress Tracker Tab.

To create a Broker Group go to the SUMMARY TAB.

Roll over the Forex Smart Tools logo (or turn off Full Page Headers from Settings) and you’ll see the Broker account drop down menu.

Roll over logo to see this set of sub-menus

At the bottom of the list of your brokers choose Manage groups.

Choose NEW group.

Title the new group and choose your brokers. Click save.

Here is an example of how a Broker Group will look on the Progress Tracker tab; in this case the Broker Group was named ‘test’, and you would select it by clicking the box next to it.

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