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Quick Detailed Reports

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By clicking a row in any of the tables in your Summary tab you can quickly create a detailed report showing you all the trades that are being counted in that row.

This report will open in the Analysis tab and will be treated like any of the other preset reports you have created from that tab.

This is often a very fast and easy shortcut to create a report about just the information you want to see.

This report will NOT be saved for you as a preset though unless you do this extra step:
When you have the ready-made report pop up for you in Analysis – BEFORE you do anything else – just click EDIT. It will give you the usual Preset Editor box you’re used to – but note: the name is blank.
If you give it a name, then click save, you’ve automatically created a preset that will stay in your list of analysis reports for you (until you manually delete it).

Here’s an example of how to use this feature in more detail…

Say you want to see how well each currency pair does in each hour of your trading…

  1. Click on an hour row from the summary tab;
  2. That will take you into all the trades you took in that hour as a report in the analysis tab;
  3. Click Edit and name it (such as “7:000-8:00” );
  4. Then click the currency column header and sort by currency – then you can scan down and see.

If you want a separate report for each pair, then when you do step 3 above and are in that report editing it, also set up the filter for that currency and save it with an identifying name such as “7:00-8:00 EURJPY”.

Repeat for each currency and you’ll have an ongoing resource you’ve created for yourself that is then easy to modify, yet shows you each specific pair for each specific hour.

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