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MT4 Trade Import – Overview

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  • Make sure you have the account already set up with the correct account number in the Account Tab of the Trade Log before doing your first import.
  • Export your trades from MT4 by saving a “Report” within your MT4 broker.
  • Choose “Import broker report” from the File menu of the Trade Log.
  • Trades you have previously imported will not be imported again. The ticket number is used to check this. If they are on the statement your are currently importing, they will show up in gray.
  • Open trades can be imported as well as closed trades.
  • The next time you import the report, any open trades now closed will have exit info added to them.
  • When the import is complete the analysis window will immediately open showing the preset “Last import”.

The Trade Log has a default setting for mapping the parameters in the Trade Log to the information given in your MT4 broker’s statement. You will see this map at the beginning of the import process. This is what the default settings are:

Default Mapping for MT4 Brokers for the Import Wizard

When you do your first import from a broker, check that everything looks right after the import is complete. If this default mapping works for you, you can just quickly click Continue when it pops up at the beginning of each import round.

There may be situations where you set up custom mappings from Trade Log parameters to information in your MT4 statement. If you ever end up wanting to go back to the way things were, you will find this screenshot to be very handy.

Below you will see 2 videos – the first is a 2:56 overview, the second is a full 23:18 in depth look at importing.

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