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Most Pips Seen

The actual number value of what some traders call the “Maximum Favorable Excursion“, or how far price went in your favor before you closed the trade (or were stopped out).

This number will not show up on the Summary tab, but can be used in detailed analysis from the Analysis tab.

Most pips see is the most you actually saw while you were in the trade. You will know this number the minute you close your trade.

Example: you saw a potential profit at one moment of 45 pips and you closed it at 37 thinking that that’s as much as it was going to give you. 45 is the Most Pips Seen.

Read the information about the Calculation Parameter to see how you can easily set up a single parameter that will give you a ‘score’ about how much you’re taking out of what you’re seeing, using the number of pips you make on a trade ÷ the number of pips you shown in this most pips seen.

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