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Manually entering a Multi-leg Trade

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Begin by going to the Trade Input Tab of the Trade Log.

Enter the currency pair and broker on the main trade input tab.

Click the red (or white) button called ALLOCATION BREAKDOWN on the right side with the Trade Input window.

A new dialog window will open where you will record each individual leg of your trade. Enter all data, using the tab key or mouse to move from field to field.

Adding New Legs

There are two ways to add new legs to the allocation grouping.

Click the ADD a Leg button

Roll over the logo heading at the top of the page (or turn off Full Page Headers from the setting menu) and you see two buttons revealed:

Add a leg opens up a blank leg ready for you to fill in all the boxes.

Click the Duplicate Leg

Click the green icon to the right of the leg you wish to copy to add a new leg with all the same information as that leg. The green button literally duplicates the leg on the row that it is in.  Example: if you had 3 legs and you clicked the Duplicate button next to leg 2, you’d get a replica of leg 2.  If you clicked it next to leg 3 you’d have a replicate of leg 3.

Duplicate is useful if you have trades that share much of the same information; for example, if you entered a trade with 1 lot and then scaled out in 4 parts, each part has the same entry time and price. You would only have to change the lot size and exit time and price for each duplicated leg.

You can also copy and paste work within each entry box too, in case you want to copy an entry price and paste it into the next leg, etc.

Click ‘Save & Return’ to close this dialog and go back to the trade input main tab.

Video Demonstration for Adding Legs

Watch This Video
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