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Manual Adjustments to Equity

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To adjust your equity, begin by clicking the EDIT EQUITY link beside the broker. This opens up a powerful dialog box; every trade you enter in the Trade Log is shown in the Edit Equity dialog. (If you don’t see the trades you are expecting to see, adjust the date range to encompass a greater or different time window).

Equity is adjusted specifically for each brokerage account

Why You May Need Manual Adjustments

In addition to all the individual trades you see in this window, there may be times when you need to adjust the equity beyond specific trades, and these adjustments will then show up here and result in changes to your overall equity balance. Adjustments often needed include:

  • Deposits: whenever you add additional funds to your account. Positive values should be used for deposits.
  • Withdrawals: whenever you subtract funds from your account; Negative values should be used for withdrawals.
  • Additional Interest, Commissions or Swap Payments: If your broker lists swap in the same line as your trade, it will be easy to add in on the trade input tab or will be automatically imported for you – but there are brokers who make this difficult, and so this becomes the easy way to handle those. Negative or positive values may be used in these cases. (Learn more about how to handle interest or swap).
  • Adjustments, corrections or bonuses: In some cases your broker will credit you for a mistake on their part and add funds back in to your account.

By the way, each of these manual entries closes a ‘period’ for purposes of record keeping in the Trade Log, because of the sophisticated accounting system used by Forex Smart Tools known as Compounded Time Weighted Rate of Returns. (Learn about the compounded time weighted accounting).

Adding a Manual Entry

At the bottom of the Edit Equity dialog box you will find the ADD link

When you make a manual entry, be careful to get the date right. If you enter it wrong it may throw off your reporting of equity changes for some of your trades (learn about swap and commission in the Trade Log).

When you make a manual entry, the description field is optional and is provided just for your own future reference.

Deleting a Manual Entry

Once a manual entry has been made, it cannot be deleted. To correct a mistaken manual entry, create a new manual entry with the opposite value so the two entries taken together = 0. (If you put in a positive amount, then you would delete it with a negative entry now, and vice versa).

Think of your Trade Log like a bank account; you can’t say to the bank ‘oops, sorry, I meant to put the money elsewhere’. Just like a bank account you would take the money out and go on from there. Both the original entry and the corrected entry would stay in your bank’s records.

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