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Making Input Easy

If you use an MT4 (Metatrader) platform for your trading you can import your trades into the Log very easily. See the section on Importing Trades for detailed information on this. After you import your trades, you can annotate them as much as you like in the Log for further analysis.

Regardless of your trading platform you can manually input all the information about your trades from the Trade Input Tab. There are many keyboard shortcuts you can use to speed this up.

To begin a new trade, save it or delete it – learn more.

General Tips

Once you’ve started a new trade, you can use the TAB key on your keyboard to quickly go from one entry box to the next.

Set Option Parameters to default values whenever possible. Learn more.

When you tab into or click on a drop down menu for options parameters, use the first letter to jump to your choice. Use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to move within the drop down menu choices.

Arrange your parameters in an order that makes sense to you and matches how you want to enter information. Learn more.

Currency pairs

To make your selection of currency pairs easier, turn off any pairs you don’t actively trade so you can more easily go thru the pairs you do trade. This is done from the Settings menu at the top of the Log: Currency pairs.

Uncheck pairs to temporarily make them invisible from the drop down menu. As you enter a trade, type the first letter of the currency name to jump to it in the list, or use your mouse. Watch this movie to see this demonstrated:

Entry & Exit Times and Their Keyboard Shortcuts

Always enter the time shown on your broker’s statement.

The time you see displayed can be either the broker’s time or your local time. Make this choice in the Settings menu at the top of the Trade Log.

If you choose to see the broker’s time displayed, then the local time is displayed as a popup hint when you roll your mouse over the time / If you choose to see the local time displayed, then the broker’s time is displayed as a popup hint when you roll your mouse over the time.

This is how a roll-over hint with the time will appear on the Trade Input Tab

To understand the complete breadth of options available to you for time and date within the Trade Log, please see that article in the Knowledge Base (learn more).

Use keyboard shortcuts in the input boxes for entry times and exit times. Keyboard shortcuts make using the date-time picker fast and easy.

Useful keyboard shortcuts in the date/time selection dialog box

NOTE: If you have not correctly set your GMT broker on the accounts tab, your times will not be right in the trade input tab. Learn more.

Is there a shortcut for choosing past years when I create a new account or input historical trades?

Yes there are shortcuts. You do not need to hit the left and right arrows to scroll back month by month. Try these tricks instead: 

The first click of the title month, year gives you a month pick dialog
Then you can click the title year to get a year pick dialog box
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