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Layout of Trade Input Tab

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The order of parameters on the Setup tab has NO influence of the order of parameters on the Trade input tab.

On the Setup tab all custom parameters are sorted alphabetically from 1 ➔ 9 and then from A➔ Z.

The layout of parameters on the Trade input tab can be modified in any way you like. You access the layout menu from Settings, along the menu options at the top of the Trade Log. From Settings, choose Trade Input.

A dialog box opens with 3 tabs along the top.

The first tab, General, deals with the dropdown menu for recently viewed trades. Read that article in the knowledge base to learn more about that feature.

The second tab, Layout, lets you move the display of your parameters around to your choosing.

The Settings Menu for the Trade Input Tab showing the LAYOUT tab.

Drag and drop one box onto another and it will bump it to a new place.

Each row fills up with 3 across, except notes and lessons learned, which take up the whole row.

The third tab of this same dialog, Color, is used simply to change the colors and fonts shown within the dialog box you are now looking at – not on the trade input tab itself. This is only for your convenience to be able to quickly visually identify standard parameters from custom parameters from calculated parameters.

The third tab of the settings dialog box: Colors

These colors have no bearing on the Trade input tab itself.

The position of ‘ticket number’ and/or ‘commission’ cannot be moved from the first slot(s). The items in grey at the top of the Trade Input tab such as Direction, Entry & Exit times, Swap, Lot size, Entry & Exit Prices, etc. cannot be moved.

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