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Isolate One Strategy

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Isolating and analyzing one strategy is one of the strong points of the Forex Smart Tools Trade Log, and is particularly important if you are trading multiple strategies within one account and have no other way to isolate how well each one performs.

The ideas in this video are also useful even if you trade one strategy but have different setups or entry triggers that you use to initiate your trade – or different exit rules. How can you compare which is really working well and weed out those that aren’t?!? The video will also give you ideas for different techniques of analysis.

A working example isolating one entry trigger in a strategy

In the following video we again show you how you can use the Batch function of the Analysis tab to group your different EAs (Expert Advisors) into their own groups so you can quickly see at a glance how well each is doing. We also show you how you can create an equity curve of each individual robot.

The technique we show can work well for you even if you don’t use an EA or robot. Simply use the comment function within MT4 to label your trades as you take them. This makes sorting them into groups very easy when you import them into the Log.

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