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Installing The Trade Log

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Windows Notice

As you install the Forex Smart Tools, you may seen a notice like this saying “Windows protected your PC”. If you see this, just click the link More info, as shown below.

That will open a new dialog with 2 buttons on the bottom “Run Anyway” and ‘Don’t Run’. Click Run anyway on the left.

Why does this notice come up? It doesn’t have to do with the trustworthiness of our software. To be a ‘recognized app’ in the Windows world means paying a huge licensing fee to Microsoft. Thanks anyway.

Internet Explorer Required

As with many business software programs, the Forex Smart Tools relies on the IE libraries, COM objects and other proprietary ingredients in Internet Explorer in order to run. So you must have IE installed on your PC. The Smart Tools can use any version of IE, from version 7 onwards, though for general security reasons it is always wise to use the most current version available.

Please note that Microsoft Edge is a completely different product and should have no effect on Internet Explorer.

It’s not necessary to make Internet Explorer your default web browser; the libraries that supply Internet Explorer functionality just need to be available for the Smart Tools to invoke.

Beginning with Windows 10, you may need to enable IE, even though it was shipped with Win10. If you get messages about the Smart Tools not running without IE, please see these instructions to enable IE.

Where it’s installed

The Forex Smart Tools Trade Log is composed of two parts, and each part is installed into a different directory on your Windows PC.

Program Files

The actual Trade Log program will be installed into your C: drive. You can find it there by looking in the Program Files (x86) directory and then find the Forex Smart Tools directory. If you’ve installed both the Calculator and the Trade Log, they will each have a sub-directory there.

Data Files

Both the Calculator and the Trade Log are based on SQL databases. Each program uses its own database. This information is set up within the AppData directory, inside the Roaming sub-directory.

AppData is a hidden folder on the Windows operating system. If you are using Windows 10 you can type %appdata% in the search bar, then press enter. If you are on an earlier version of Windows, there are many tutorials on YouTube helping you find the app data directory.

In addition to the database, the Trade Log also stores all the screenshots you may associate with each trade inside a sub-directory in this AppData > Roaming > Forex Smart Tools > Trade Log folder. Your contents may vary, but here is a glimpse into the data folder:

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