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Initial DLL Setup

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Download New DLLs

The Trade Log uses custom DLL scripts to import the statements from the Forex Tester.

If you are using FT2 or FT3 (versions 2 or 3) then you are all set – the DLLS are already loaded in for you.

If you are using FT4 (Forex Tester Version 4) then please download the following folder:

After you have downloaded this file, do the following steps:

Delete Old DLLs

1). Quit the Trade Log if you have it open

2) Extract the zip file you just downloaded.

3) Locate your existing Broker Report DLL folder. You will find it by going to your C drive > Users > {your name} > AppData > Roaming > Forex Smart Tools > TradeLog > Broker Report DLL.

How to Find AppData

AppData is a hidden folder on the Windows operating system. If you are using Windows 10 you can type %appdata% in the search bar, then press enter. If you are on an earlier version of Windows, there are many tutorials on YouTube helping you find the app data directory.

This is one way to open the AppData window

Another way to open the hidden AppData window is to click anywhere on your desktop background and then hit the Windows key + R. This opens the Run menu and you can enter AppData into that to open the folder:

from the Run menu

Once you find AppData, open the folder Roaming > Forex Smart Tools > TradeLog > and then you’ll see the folder Broker Report DLL.

This is where the folder is
This is the folder you want to replace: Broker Report DLLs

4) Delete the entire Broker Report DLL folder and replace it with the new one that you just downloaded.

This modification only has to be done once and then will be all set for your use.

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