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Importing Trades

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The Forex Smart Tools are designed to work perfectly with all versions of the Forex Tester. The following steps detail importing trades from the Tester into the Log.
To import trades from other brokers see the general section about importing trades in the knowledge base.

If you are using version 4 of the Forex Tester, please see this article first.

Here are the steps to bring the trades you take within the Tester over to the Trade Log for more in-depth analysis.

  • From the Tester, click the ‘Account History‘ tab.
  • Right-click and choose Export History to File.
  • Choose Export to a CSV file.
  • Click the button with three dots… and choose where to save it.
  • From the Trade Log, choose Import broker report from the File menu
  • Choose which Tester account you want the trades to go into (within the Trade Log you can set up as many as you like – see below).
  • Follow the general instructions for importing trades into the Trade Log.

The default mapping for the import wizard is a little different for the Tester than it is for MT4 brokers. Here are the default values:

Default Mapping for Forex Tester Import

Here’s a great bonus idea: import your comments about each trade too.
  • As you place each trade in the Forex Tester, use the comment box to identify your trade setup.
  • In the Trade Log, create a custom parameter of type ‘text’ to hold these comments.
  • Before you import your trades, use the import wizard to map comments to the new parameter you just created.

Now that you have your comments as part of your permanent Log about the trades you took in the Tester, you can sort the comments and group them for comparison and analysis.

If you want to see your trade comments on the Summary tab, transfer the text comments into options to see them show up in tables on the Summary tab. (Remember only parameters of type option show up in this way).


If you end up modifying your mapping for the import wizard for the Tester, remember that the Tester uses NET values for profit. Many other brokers use gross.

QUESTION: I am trying to import a statement from the Forex Tester into the Trade Log, but the Trade Log won’t import some new trades. It treats them as if they have already been imported.

Perhaps you started a new test in the Tester. A fresh run. When you do that the Tester starts numbering the trades all over again from the beginning with 1. It uses a very simple ticket number system: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

If you keep going with one batch of testing on the Tester (even if you stop it and then start again and choose the ‘continue testing from last date’ ) then the ticket numbers advance too, but if you stop and start the Tester and define a new start date (not choosing ‘continue testing from last date‘) then the ticket numbering starts over again at 1, 2, 3.

The Trade Log keeps track of what trades are new and which trades have already been imported based on the ticket number of each trade. If you import a statement that also includes some trades that you already imported, those trades will appear greyed-out in the import wizard and won’t be imported.

If you have the last few statements from the Tester, take a look and see if this solves the riddle – take a look at the ticket numbers and compare. If they are the same from statement to statement, then that’s why the Trade Log is not importing them as new.

If this is the case, you can start a new account in the Trade Log for this new batch of trades from the Tester. You can then combine them for analysis all together if you like (the older runs and the newer run) using filters in the analysis tab in your presets to choose all such brokers, or using manage groups on the Summary tab.

QUESTION: How do I import different Tester projects into the Trade Log without mixing them up?

You can save a set of trades with a unique name in the Forex Tester. Each set is called a “project”.

Even if you close your Tester and start up again later (IF you choose to resume an ongoing test run when you click “Start”) you can import the entire run into the Trade Log all at once or import just a few trades at a time and import the rest later.

As we show in the import the Forex Tester video – remember to give the Account for the the Forex Tester project a matching unique name in the Trade Log, so that it does not get merged with other the Forex Tester data from other projects. Each unique project with the Forex Tester should be named as though it were a separate ‘account’.

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