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Importing Comments

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If you use the comment section of your MT4 broker to make notes about your trade as you take it or to enter your EA or strategy name, you can easily import those comments into the Trade Log.

STEP 1) Create a Custom Parameter to hold the info in the Log

Go to the Settings tab and create a new custom parameter. This should be of type: “text”. Call this new parameter whatever you like or simply call it ‘Comment’.

(The help text is always optional)

After you create the parameter remember to click it on √ so it shows up.

STEP 2) Within MT4, make sure your comments are visible before you export your statement report.

If you do not see them, right click in the area of the report summary and view the options for what you can see in that summary window. Comments should have a √ check mark next to it.

STEP 3) Import your broker report into the Trade Log

As you begin to import your broker report you will see the mapping dialog showing you how each part of the MT4 statement is translated into the Trade Log. The first time you do this the Comment category will be blank, like this:

The default mapping for Mt4

Click within the blank area to the right of the word Comment and you will see a dialog come up with the parameters you’ve established and have turned on within the Log. The pink ones at the bottom of the list are the custom parameters that you have created for yourself. Choose ‘Comment’.

Once you’ve set up this mapping assignment, it will be remembered for you going forward so you don’t have to re-enter it or set it up again for future imports. Click Continue and finish the import now.

Congratulations. Your comments have now been incorporated into the information held for each trade.

STEP 4) To see your comments in your Analysis Reports, remember to turn that parameter on and select it within the ‘Analysis Preset Filter’ you are working with.

Notice that Comment has been clicked on √

TIP: Use Batch to group your comments and analyze them further. This video demonstrates the technique or see pages like ‘Edit Options All At Once‘ to see batch in operation.

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