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How Multi-Leg trades appear

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To differentiate a multi-leg trade from a regular one leg all-in all-out trade, the Trade Log uses some unique codes so you can see at a glance what you have. You will see this code in the Trade Input Tab and you will also see it in the dropdown menu for recent trades.

The entry and exit information about each leg of the trade comes from the allocation breakdown page and cannot be entered directly on the trade input tab, once multiple legs are set up. You can of course go back in to the Allocation Breakdown dialog to modify it. The information you see on the Trade Input tab for lots, gross value, time in trade and pips are all shown as aggregate values combining all the legs of the trade together. (See more about how the Trade Log shows pips to understand this).

The direction shows the number of legs, both in text (such as ‘two legs’) and in abbreviations for the direction of each leg. Sell trades = “S” and buy trades = “B“. Each individual leg is given its own abbreviated direction letter.

Examples: A two leg stop and reverse would appear as SB (sell then buy), or BS (buy then sell). A three leg feathered in trade might be SSS or BBB.

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