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Hidden Accounts

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Active accounts can be hidden by making them “inactive” yet they still remain open. Hiding open and closed accounts is provided for your privacy.

To de-activate and hide an open account, click its name and then deselect the checkmark by ‘Active’.

Click ACTIVE to hide / or stop hiding an account

The balance of a hidden inactive account is not added in to the total equity shown on the accounts tab.

Inactive hidden accounts are not available to choose in any drop down menu on other tabs of the Log.

Seeing Your Hidden Accounts

Closed accounts may be shown or hidden, without changing their status. Simply click ‘Hide’ or ‘Show’. The Show menu will appear only after at least one account has been hidden. Accounts which are hidden are shown in grey.

Re-Activiating a Hidden Account

  1. First show all inactive hidden accounts; click the link “Show inactive account(s)” next to the “NEW” link.
  2. Find your inactive account, which will be grayed out.
  3. Click the inactive account name and check √ the box next to ‘active‘.

Delete A Hidden Account

In order to close an inactive hidden account you must first make it active again. Once you make it active, you can enter a manual adjustment to bring the account to zero. Then click the red X mark and the account will be moved to the closed account category. (Learn more about closing accounts).

If you have an account that is already inactive and you have brought it to zero with a manual adjustment, you will not be able to directly delete it. You must first fund it again with another manual adjustment; then make it active, then bring it back to zero with another manual adjustment – and then you can delete it.

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