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Gross or Net – Which to use

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Some brokers report profit as gross and some report profit as net. Before you begin importing a lot of trades from a broker, it is important to determine which way your broker is showing it in the report.

As an example: let’s say you make $100 on a profitable trade. Let’s further assume that this particular trade has incurred a commission of $2 and swap of $1 in your favor. The gross is the $100. The net is $100 – $2 + $1 = $99. Some brokers will report the final result as $100 and others will report it as $99. You have to figure out first about your own broker’s reporting style.

Do your best to determine which it is and match the import wizard mapping to that (see the video below) on the line that says “Profit”. You will either select “Grossvalue” or “Netvalue”. It helps to look at a trade that has incurred swap and/or commission. If you look at a trade without either then it’s hard to tell.

Then we recommend importing just one trade at first to make sure you’ve gotten it right. If everything looks good, you’re ready to import all the rest of your trades. If it’s wrong, delete that trade and re-import it, changing the value for profit in the import wizard map first.

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