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General Layout Choices

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Font Size and Font Name

You have control over the font and size for your Trade Log. Choose Font from the Settings menu.

The default settings are Trebuchet and 90%.

These are the defaults

Order of The 6 Main Tabs

Use restore within the Settings menu to have the tabs go back to their original order.

You can drag the 6 main tabs of the Trade Log into any order you like. Just click and drag it over another tab to switch places.

For instance, if you have all your accounts and all your parameters set up already, you may want to move Setup and Accounts to the far right side, and keep Trade Input or Analysis on the left where you’ll use it most often. It’s up to you.

Full Page Headers – See The Logo or the Sub-menus

You can choose from one of two positions for the logo of Forex Smart Tools.

Full page headers: the logo is full size and beautiful and rolls over to the side when you move your mouse over it and need to access the sub-menus below it.

Not-full page headers: the logo is minimized to the right side and sub-menus are always visible at the top of the tabs.

On or Off – it’s up to you

Keep The Trade Log On Top

Normally when you go from app to app, software program to software program, the active program comes into the foreground.

Ex: If you click your MT4, your Trade Log goes to the back and the MT4 comes to the front.

Turn on this setting and the Trade Log overrides that and will always stay in the front.

This is useful if you have a small screen and want to enter trades while looking at your platform.

Remember Dialog Positions

Click this on and the Trade Log will try to keep your dialog positions in the same general location each time you open them.

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