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Exit Trigger

The EXIT TRIGGER parameter is an ‘option’ type, so you can set up your own descriptive names for technical areas or situations that you used to decide it was time to close your trade.

Click on the options link and then Right-click to add or delete names. You can also drag the options you create into the order you prefer, as well as setting one of them to be the default you use.

Because this parameter is type option, you’ll be able to group these exits in the Summary and Analysis tabs, and compare what will work best for you.

If you have different technical indicators you look at to tell you it’s time to exit your trade, record them here so you can compare how well each works for you.


  • Crossing of two moving averages
  • Time of day
  • Closing of a market session
  • Gut feeling
  • Fear
  • Retracement by a number or pips or percent
  • 3 candle pattern
  • Two fractals formed against your trade direction
  • etc.

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