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Ex 5: Find all trades still blank

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Q: Is there a way to show all trades which are still blank for a particular parameter?

Yes, here is a way you can combine the Batch function with preset filters within the Analysis tab to isolate those blanks. The following scenario is an example that you can modify to your needs.

As an example let’s say you are tracking whether or not each trade you took is with the trend or not. You have set up a custom parameter called WithTrend that is an option type parameter. For each trade, you will fill in either yes or no as you review it. You may have some trades you have yet to fill this in for and now want to find just those trades to fill in their status for this parameter.

Step 1) On the setup tab, create BlankField as a parameter with type ‘Number’.

Step 2) Go into Analysis and use Batch to set ALL your trades to BlankField = 1.

Step 3) Create or edit a preset on the Analysis tab and filter for WithTrend = yes. Then use Batch and set BlankField = 2 for these particular trades.

Step 4) Edit that same preset again to filter for WithTrend = no. Then use Batch and set BlankField= 3

Step 5) Create or edit a preset on the Analysis tab using a filter looking for BlankField is less than or equal to 1. Only the remaining blank trades will now come up and you can go to each of them now to fill that in.

As an added smart step, if you setup your WithTrend parameter with the third option ‘yet to enter‘ and set that to be the default parameter, then each trade you enter will automatically have that turned on. This in effect is saying it is blank, because you have not yet assigned it to with trend or not with trend in your review of the trade. If you do this, then finding all the blanks that you want to go back and review is a simple one-step process: You simply create a preset for WithTrend = ‘yet to enter‘.

If you didn’t set this up initially and are setting it up just now, it’s still easy. Follow steps 1-5 above, then…

Step 6) Use Batch to set all the trades that came up in step 5 to WithTrend = ‘yet to enter’.

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