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Ex 2: See Trades Needing Notes

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Q: How can I see which trades I have not yet added all my notes about?

Create a custom parameter as an option type with two options. This works like a switch with an off and on position (or for those of you who love math or programming – we are creating a Boolean).

In this case, the custom parameter can simply be called “Record Complete” and have options you create for it: ‘yes’ and ‘no’. You can even go one step better and set ‘no’ to be the default setting for this option, so each time you create a new trade it will be marked as not yet complete, until you intentionally move the Record Complete parameter to ‘yes’, complete, when you are all done with your notes and assessment of that trade.

In this example we will create a new preset of our own design in the analysis tab, called “Yet To Complete”. In the filter tab choose Record Complete and choose ‘no’. You can turn on any other fields you may want to see but make sure to turn on the field ‘Record complete’.

One thing to note about using a parameter with one option set to be the default…
That default setting is set or activated only when you open up a trade in the trade input tab. If you import a lot of trades at once it will not automatically give each of them that default setting of that parameter.

To have that default setting be assigned to those trades you have two options:
(1) Double click each trade you see in the analysis preset and open it within the trade input tab;
(2) Use the Batch operation within the analysis tab and assign a setting to a parameter for all trades all at once.

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