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Equity Curve Options

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As you create an equity curve in the Trade Log, you’ll have the option whether or not to also turn on moving averages of the curve itself. If you wish to do so:

  • Within the chart window, click “Options”.
  • Choose “Average”.
  • Set the number of trades or days to average.
  • To remove a moving average, choose “Average” again.

Note that you also have the ability to choose whether you want to average days or trades.

  • Within the chart window, click “Options”.
  • Choose “Format”.
  • Choose “Date” or “Number”.
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Question: I have the moving average turned on in my charts, but I don’t always see it.

Check if you have enough data to show the moving average in the group of trades you are looking at. When you do see the moving average, notice how it does not start at the far left edge of the chart. It needs some data before it can show an average of that data.

As an example: if you have your average set to 30 and you only have 29 trades you are looking at, you’ll never see the moving average. If you are looking at a group of 33 trades, you’ll only see it show up on the last 3 trades.

Try reducing the number of your moving average and you should see it then, or pick a larger date range of trades to look at.

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