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Ex 1: Edit Options All at Once

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Using the BATCH feature within the Analysis Tab lets you assign or modify text, numbers or an option to a parameter for a series of trades all at once – all in one “batch” or combined operation. Watch the following movie for an example of using this:

Watch this movie to see the BATCH feature at work here

The Batch feature works on only the trades showing in the current preset on the Analysis tab.

With Batch you can set the value of any one parameter for a group of trades all at once. Batch will work with parameters of all sorts, options, text or numbers.

Roll over the title bar with the Forex Smart Tools logo at the top of the Log and click the button: Batch.

Pick the parameter and then enter the value you want for all the trades. It the parameter is type: option then the list of those options comes from those you currently have turned on on the Setup Tab. If it’s text or number you will be able to just fill in the value.

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