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Deleting & Re-activating

Deleted parameters are not permanently removed. The name and contents of the deleted parameter are moved into deep storage.

This is done this way in the Trade Log because you may have associated some information about your trades with parameter names you’ve created. If you later decide to delete those parameters – what would have happened to that data for those trades? We didn’t want the Log to throw out any information that you put in with your trades, so parameter content had to be stored away. In this way the data can actually be re-instated at a later time (see below).

To remove a parameter click “Remove” next to the parameter name.

Remember too that you can keep a parameter but just not have it show up on your Trade Input tab: simply uncheck the check box to the left of the name and you’ve removed it from the Trade Input screen – until you check it on again.

Re-activating Parameter Names

Click “Manage inactive parameters” from the top of the Setup tab under the title bar.

Roll over the Forex Smart Tools logo at the top to find this option

Click the parameter you want to bring back in.

(If you don’t immediately see it in the list again, click another tab (such as the Trade Input Tab) and then return to Setup. This kind of ‘wakes up’ the list.)

If you create a new parameter with the same name as a deleted parameter AND of the same type then it will automatically pull the inactive parameter and its data out of storage and make it active again.

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