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Customizing Reports

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By creating a custom Preset you create a report you can reference at any time. It will be saved for you until such time as you choose to delete it. You can go back into it to edit it and fine-tune it at any time.

To see your list of Custom Presets roll over the logo title bar at the top of the screen (or disable Full Page Headers from the Settings menu). Select a report to view or edit it or create New to begin a new report.

When you create a new report or edit an existing one, you see the FILTER dialog box. Note that it has two tabs at the top, Filters and Fields.

  • FIELDS lets you determine which columns you want to see in your report.
  • FILTERS lets you determine the exact content of each column.
Editing an existing or new custom preset report

Setting Default Fields To Always Be Pre-Selected

There may be certain fields (columns) that you always want to see for every preset report you create. If that’s the case, you can set those up to be your own defaults, and they’ll be turned ‘On’ for you whenever you open up a new preset to begin to create. To do this, begin by opening up the Analysis preferences under the Settings menu.

Then choose which fields you want to always see pre-selected to be on for new preset reports. Only parameters that are turned on (check box selected) on the setup tab will show up on this list.

Custom parameters are shown in blue; standard parameters are shown in black.

Deleting a Custom Preset Report From The Analysis Tab

To delete a preset that you have created:

  1. Choose the preset to be deleted from the drop down menu.
  2. Click on the Edit button.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Filters tab.
  4. Hit Delete
Here’s where the Delete button is for your custom presets.
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