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Use the Progress Tracker to see how your trading is matching your goals – on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Using specific goals in your trading is a psychological trick that can greatly enhance your profitability.

Overview – why use the Progress Tracker

It’s easy to get tricked by the bottom line on your broker’s statement, either thinking you are doing better than you really are, or thinking you are doing worse than you really are. Watch this movie to see what we mean and how you can use the Progress Tracker to sort out the truth of your trading:

Watch this movie to reflect on this important lesson

Pick your time period: Standard

Begin by picking the preset the time period – you want to examine by rolling over the Forex Smart Tools logo / title bar at the top of the tab (or turning off Full Page Headers under settings).
Standard presets are simply standard periods of time we assume you may be interested in looking at. To use a custom period of time create a custom preset (learn more).

Pick the time period you want to examine in detail

You can show all your brokerage accounts together by choosing all; you can pick one broker to examine; or you can use a broker Group to look at a specific set of brokers (learn more).

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