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Create a Custom Report

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Use the Progress Tracker to see how your trading is matching your goals – on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Using specific goals in your trading is a psychological trick that can greatly enhance your profitability.

Customizing Your Reports

If you would like to look at a specific period of time that is not available in the standard presets built-in to the Trade Log, then create your own.

Once you create a new preset, you can select it again any time thereafter from the preset drop down menu. It will be saved for you until such time as you delete it (see below how to do that).

Begin by clicking New, which is to the right of the drop down menu for selecting Presets. You will see this sub-menu by rolling over the Forex Smart Tools logo / title bar at the top of the tab (or turning off Full Page Headers under settings).

Click New to start shaping a new preset

Next give the preset a name. It is helpful to include your chosen time period in the name too, such as “BrokerXYZ-yearly” or “NinjaGroup-monthly.”.

Pick Time Period

The next line, Group trades by, is where you decide whether you want to see each day, each week, each month or each year in the breakdown of your trades.

Creating a Custom Preset from the Progress Tracker

Pick Date Range

You then choose the date range you want to look at, either from one of the standard choices or by creating your own range of time.

Pick all brokerage accounts you have, a specific broker, or a group of brokers. To create a group of brokers, see (learn how to create Brokerage Groups).

Pick Which Broker(s)

As soon as you click Save, you will see a list matching what you have chosen

After clicking Save you see a list matching your new preset

Delete a custom preset

  • Rollover the title bar.
  • Choose the preset you want to delete.
  • Click edit (to the right of the drop down menu).
  • Click the link ‘delete this preset’ at the bottom left of the dialog.

Demo Movie

The following movie is an in-depth look at the Progress Tracker… or you can see the contents of this in bite-sized movies associated with each topic covered in it. See each section of the Knowledge Base for those details.

Watch this movie for in-depth information on the Progress Tracker
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