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Completing Trade Entry

Only completed trades will show up on the Summary tab, the Analysis tab and the Progress Tracker tabs for more in-depth analysis. To verify that a trade has been completely entered, the Trade Log checks to make sure there is information filled in for the following items on the Trade Input tab:

  • entry time
  • entry price
  • exit time
  • exit price
  • lot size
  • currency pair
  • net profit or loss

If any one of these pieces of information is missing, the trade is considered to still be open and is not-yet-complete.

When a trade is complete, you get visual acknowledgement by noticing that the Allocation Breakdown button turns white.

When a trade is incomplete, the allocation breakdown button is yellow or red.

Red: your trade has some element that is still incomplete. This may be on the main trade-input tab or may be within the allocation breakdown page (if you’ve used it). This red color will also be associated with the trade in the drop down menu for Recently Viewed Trades, instantly showing you which trades are still open or are missing some information from you.

Yellow: a brand new trade without any information in it.

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