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Closing An Account

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Once an account has been created, it can be closed but it can’t be erased – unless you completely erase all your Trade Log data.

Closed accounts move from the top table of active accounts to the bottom table of closed accounts.

How To Close An Account

Click Edit Equity in the right-hand column of the account you want to adjust.

EDIT EQUITY is found to the right of the account’s row

At the bottom of the dialog that opens, click the link Add a manual adjustment.

ADD A MANUAL ADJUSTMENT – at the bottom of the Edit Equity dialog

Enter a manual adjustment that brings the balance to zero. To do this, enter the negative of your current balance. For example, in the account shown above with a current balance of 525.53 you would enter a manual adjustment of 525.53 If you like, you can enter a description such as ‘to close account’. Verify that the current balance is then zero. You will not be able to close an account with a non-zero account balance.

Click the red x to close the account. You will only see this red circle with the X in it when you are in the Edit Equity dialog for that specific account.

The RED X will close the account you are viewing.

Re-Opening a Closed Account

Closed accounts can be reopened at any time.

You’ll find this option in the lower half of the Accounts tab

Deleting an account

You cannot delete one account without deleting all your accounts and starting with a fresh, empty Trade Log database.

Here’s the logic: When you open an account, it’s as though you have opened a new checking or savings account at a bank. You can close it or make it inactive, but the bank and the tax authorities still keep track of it, forever more. The Trade Log assumes this same line of thinking. Once you’ve created an account, you can close it (by bringing its balance to zero) or you can make it inactive so it no longer shows up in your drop down menu choices, but you cannot permanently remove it.

If you really want to remove an account, you have to delete all your accounts and start over from scratch with your Trade Log database. Uninstalling the program does NOT delete the database itself, and clearing your database does not mean you have to re-install the Trade Log software. The software for the Trade Log and the database it creates are stored separately on your computer.

If you do wish to clear your entire trade log database and start over, here’s how:

We recommend you begin by first backing up your data as well as exporting your parameters. All parameter settings and custom parameters are erased when you erase the database.

To backup your trade and account data, choose Backup from the File menu. To backup your parameters choose export parameters from the Setup tab and keep this file safe on your computer too. Then after you clear the database, you can import those parameters once again.

To start fresh use this hidden command: hold the CTRL key down when opening the Actions menu and then choose “empty database”.

Hidden Feature to start fresh with a new Trade Log

You next have to confirm the request:

Emptying your database requires confirmation

If you say yes, then the current database is closed and renamed with the current date and time – just in case you need to ever go back to it. This stays in your user’s data directory. Then a new empty database is created and updated to be made current and ready for you to use. There are about 30 steps involved behind the scenes to make this happen, so be patient, as it will take a few minutes.
Here is a screenshot as an example showing the old database (“tradelog_20120330-163159.db”) and new blank database (“tradelog.db”) just fyi:

Your old database is backed up as new created

How to delete all the trades of one account but keep the account open

Go to the Analysis tab.
Create a new preset report and select that account as the broker in the filter settings for that preset.
As you view that new preset report, roll over the title bar and you’ll see a red X button that allows you to delete all the trades you now see at once.

This option is found on the Analysis Tab of the Trade Log
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