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~ If you are looking for information on selecting different currency pairs to work with in your trade input tab or automatic imports… this page has nothing to do with that. See Settings > Currency Pairs to learn more. This page is about the money you hold your brokerage accounts in.

If you have all your brokerage accounts in one country, all funded with the same currency – you do not need to worry about this topic. When you see drop down menus for currency, you will only have one choice – whatever you have chosen as your Base Currency on the Accounts tab:

But say instead that you have multiple brokers that have been funded with different currencies. Perhaps you have a Swiss broker in which your funds are held in Euros and a British broker where your funds are held in Pounds. How do you compare and collate all your trading activity? Well the Forex Smart Tools Trade Log lets you do just that.

When you set up your trading accounts you pick the currency for each account – how you hold your funds with them.

Then when you go to each tab and begin analyzing your trades, you can see those analyses in any one of the currencies you may be using. For example, in the above scenario the trader would see a drop down menu for EURO and GBP and could select one or the other to see all their trade results.

The Trade Log makes this possible by pulling in exchange rates for all the currencies you have designated on the accounts tab as those your brokers use. By doing this complex extra step, it is able to standardized the information you see so it is most useful to you.

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