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Rolling over the logo on the top of the Analysis tab will reveal 3 menu options:

Creating An Equity Chart

The red-green-blue icon will create an equity curve of the preset

What you see as the title at the top of your equity chart depends entirely upon which tab you are looking at when you click the chart button to generate the graph.

If you are looking at the Analysis tab and then generate a chart then your chart window will show you exactly the name of the preset you were looking at when you clicked the graph icon, whether it was a standard preset such as Last Import or This Year, or a custom preset you created for yourself. Of course, you can easily create a custom preset named with the broker and account number, and then any other specifics you like for filters, such as a particular strategy, entry trigger, currency or date range, etc.

Once you have a chart open, you can go back and forth to the other charts you just created by clicking the menu bar at the top of the chart. Notice how the menu items at the top correspond to the page tabs: Summary|Analysis|Accounts|Tracker. Each chart recently generated on each respective Trade Log tab is shown in a list under that tab’s name. In other words, all the charts you created while on the Summary tab are shown under Summary. If a menu name is dimmed out, it means you did not create any charts from that tab.

Exporting to Excel / CSV file

The small graph icon will export your data for import into Excel

If you would like to do further analysis with the trade data in any particular preset in Excel or another spreadsheet program, click the small graph icon to be able to export these trades into a CSV file (comma separated file).

Note that only the info shown in the preset is exported. If there is more detail about the trades than you see exported and want, then check to see if there are other fields you want to turn on within the Edit function of the preset.

If you export a file and it opens in Word instead of Excel, try this: Close the file in Word, then find where you saved your file (e.g., to the desktop), and try manually adding the suffix ‘.csv’ to the end of whatever file name you’ve given it… then try double-clicking it to open it again. You could also try opening Excel first, and then choosing Open from within Excel.

Delete / Erase All The Trades In The Preset

The red X will offer you the opportunity to erase all the trades in this preset.

You can erase individual trades from the Trade Input tab under the Action menu, but if you want to delete many trades at once then using the red X within the Analysis tab is a fast and easier way to do this.

Note that this is a permanent deletion of these trades. There is not an undo option. We recommend doing a backup of your Trade Log database from the File menu before you do the deletion.

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