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Calc Parameter FAQ

The Forex Smart Tools Trade Log offers some of the functions of a mini-spreadsheet in the form of the Calculation type custom parameter.

QUESTION: Can I use other functions such as ABS or IF-THEN?

Sorry, not at this time.

QUESTION: Can I see totals and average on analysis reports?

The analysis report page will give you a total for how many trades are in your report but it will not add up the totals, high, lows or averages of the values for calculation parameters in the reports.

To see this information, you can export your report to a spreadsheet and use excel or try this trick:
Create a new custom parameter of type number. As you enter the data for each trade, the calculation parameter you already created and are using will do the ‘heavy lifting’ for you, then just copy that number over into your new number custom parameter and that parameter will be totaled and averaged in analysis reports.

QUESTION: My calculations are different for shorts and longs. How do I do this?

You can create a new custom parameter which you call ‘Short or Long’. Set it up as an option or a number. Then use the analysis tab’s batch feature to put all your short trades together and set the Short or Long parameter to -1. Then filter for all your long trades and set the Short or Long parameter to 1. Of course you can also enter the value of this parameter per trade as you enter them.

If you have set the parameter up as a number, be careful to only enter 1 or -1. If you set it up as an option, create only those two options and choose between them as you enter a trade.

When you multiply this parameter with the other results of calculations you may want to perform you then get the absolute value.

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