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Break-Even Range

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The Forex Smart Tools Trade Log lets you define for yourself what Break Even means to you in your trading.

In the Summary and Progress Tracker breakdowns, you can see your wins and losses easily separated out. But in trading there are often many trades closed at ‘break even’ that you may choose not to think of as either a win or a loss – just a scrub or aborted trade. By separating out the scrubbed trades your win and loss statistics become much more meaningful to you.

Technically these break even trades are closed at 0 pips gained or lost. But if you generally have a target of 20 or 40 pips or more, then closing a trade at a win or loss of 1 or 3 pips is relatively insignificant in the context of your overall goals and expectations. The Trade Log lets you define your own range for what you consider insignificant.

Open the Settings menu and choose Break Even Range

You can then define your range as you like. Note that the range does not need to be symmetrical around zero; you could have it -1 to +5 if you like, etc. Always put the losses (negative numbers) on the left side and the wins (positive numbers) on the right.

Here’s a sample of the Summary tab with Break Even tabulations highlighted:

Any trades with a raw pip result falling within your break even range will show up in these areas.

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