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Balancing Account Equity

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From the Account tab you can view the equity balance for each broker you have set up. This balance is the end product of all the trades you have taken, combined with any manual entries you have made through the Edit Equity window. (Learn more)

Your balance can be read here, and in the Edit Equity window

If your balance does not match your broker…

There are 3 things to check if your balance does not reconcile correctly.

1. Is your starting balance correct?

If you began using the Trade Log mid-year you may not have set the right starting balance. See Equity in the article ‘Setting Up A New Account’ to learn more.

2. Are you viewing your Log in the same currency your broker uses?

Almost every page of the Trade Log allows you to view your account information in any currency – so you may have to switch which ‘lens’ you look through.

3. Do you need to make manual adjustments?

Check whether there are manual adjustments you need to make in your account that are not automatically made for you when you import your trades.

Adjustments often needed include:

  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Additional Interest
  • Commissions or Swap Payments
  • Adjustments, corrections or bonuses
  • Payments to a trader who trades your account in your behalf

Here’s an example. The following screenshot shows a portion of a report statement from a broker who does not include the swap or rollover fee on the same line as the trade which triggered it. Because of this, the Trade Log does not automatically import these charges or credits when trades are imported.

Example of a statement with swap that won’t be imported automatically

There are a few ways to handle this situation.

  1. You can manually add each swap charge into the associated trade. There will usually be a ticket number on the statement that correlates with the ticket number of the matching trade that you can use to find which fee matches with which trade.
  2. You could manually add each fee in, one by one, in the Edit Equity window.
  3. You could batch enter a group of interest or swap fees into the Edit Equity all at once on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This is by far the easiest way to go.
    For example, using the sample statement above, you would create a manual entry for the date June 20, 2019: swap on trades, -0.27.
    Or you could add up all the swap for the month and use one entry.
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