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Add Notes to Each Line

To the right of each line or row you see a link called CREATE. By clicking this, you are taken into a blank text box in which you can write any notes to yourself that you like.

Click CREATE (found at the right-most column of each row) to add any notes you like

Edit your notes

After you’ve written a note, you will notice that it is underlined whenever you roll over it. This shows you that it is an active link, so you can just click it to be taken back into the note you wrote and add more or modify it.

If you wanted to make general notes and set goals for the coming week, you could easily set up the Progress Tracker for ‘weekly’ and use the notes section of each week to make general observations and write out your goals for next week. The Note field does not have to be about the specific trades you took in the past week (you may already be making trade-specific notes for each trade on the trade input page)… so why not use this area for stepping back and looking at the week as a whole?!

The nice thing about using the Progress Tracker in this way, rather than a separate ‘notes’ section or separate document on your computer, is how this automatically links those notes to those specific trades and to a date range, so you don’t have to keep track of when you wrote a note or which trading periods you were thinking about when you made them.

Delete your notes

To delete a note you wrote, click to go into the note again and simply delete or erase everything you wrote, then click Save.


Jump Into Details About Each Trade

By clicking on any line (row) within the Progress Tracker, you are jumped over to the Analysis tab and a custom report is temporarily created for you showing just the trades highlighted by the line of the Progress Tracker that you just clicked.

From the Analysis tab you can then save those as a custom preset if you want to look at them later, or you can click any one line to be taken to the Trade input tab and drill deeply into the particulars of that individual trade. Watch this movie above to see this in action.

Equity Curves of the Progress Tracker’s Information

Choosing equity curves from the Progress Tracker

Create an equity curve by rolling over the Forex Smart Tools logo at the top (or turning off Full Page Headers in settings) and then click the red/green/blue bar icon.

If you are looking at the Progress Tracker tab and then generate a chart, then your chart window will show you the account name or group name for the preset shown in the progress tracker window. It will not show you the account number, because on the Progress Tracker tab you can create groups of accounts, so any chart may actually contain several accounts. Because adding the account number(s) would get confusing in this case, account numbers were dropped in all cases for charts from this tab.

Export to Excel Spreadsheet

Export the data you are seeing within the current preset you are viewing to a .csv spreadsheet format by clicking the icon on the right with the green arrow in it. This sub-menu is found by rolling over the Forex Smart Tools logo at the top (or turning off Full Page Headers in settings) and then click the red/green/blue bar icon.

Click to export to a format that can be easily imported into a spreadsheet

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