Re-Installing V2

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You may be tempted to begin by clicking Register Program – NOT YET!!!! Wait and read on…

STEP ONE – Click Help > About Program
STEP TWO – Copy Your Hardware ID

This Hardware ID is unique to the Forex Tester and your own computer. It will be changed whenever you move to a new computer or whenever you have to reformat your drive or update your operating system.

STEP THREE – Send us your hardware ID

You can use our CONTACT Form to email it to us here at Forex Smart Tools.

STEP FOUR – Wait a bit for us to get back to you

We will send your new registration key back to you by email. Be sure to check your spam or junk folders if you haven’t heard from us in 24 hrs.

STEP FIVE – Now you will register your program

Open your Forex Tester again and choose Help > Register Program

STEP SIX – Enter your new registration key

Click “I have a registration key”.

Copy your registration key from our email to you and paste it in. Make sure not to copy additional blank spaces after the end of the key.

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