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The licensing for Forex Tester Version 2 was based upon a unique Hardware ID. Supplying us here at Forex Smart Tools or the Forex Tester company with this hardware ID let us generate a Registration Key for you to activate your FT2 license.

If you are upgrading your FT2 to FT4, you will need your Hardware ID.

You will also need to supply us with this if you are moving your Forex Tester Version 2 from one computer to another and want us to give you your new registration key.

Open your Forex Tester program and look at the Help Menu. Choose About and click the copy icon that is pointed out by the red arrow below.

Click the little icon that looks like two pieces of paper and this will automatically copy the hardware ID, so you can easily paste it into an email to us, or use our contact us form to send it to us.

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