Forex Strategies and Tips

What does it take to succeed in Forex?

Trading is like a three-legged stool...

You need all 3 legs to stay upright.

If you're missing any one leg ~ down you go.

① Precise Money Management 

② Strong Psychology

③ Entry and Exit Strategies

As a benefit to our Forex Smart Tools customers we offer some of our thoughts on these three core principles.

Who We Are

We are Evelyn and Mindy.  We have been full-time professional forex traders and members of the NFA.

We started our forex career in 2005 and in our own experience, we saw that no one had created the tools we needed to quickly make precise trading decisions based on intelligent Money Management – so we created them ourselves.

These Tools – The Trade Log and the Advanced Calculator – come from real-life trading experience and are designed to be intuitive, easy-to-use, accurate and offer a high degree of customization to fit your own style of trading.

For us, these tools made the difference between being consistently profitable in our trading – and not! We ourselves use them every day we trade. They've helped us avoid many of the mistakes we had made with hand-calculations or spreadsheets – and in forex, one mistake can cost a lot. We hope that you will experience this same quantum leap in your trading too.

We are not in the business of selling any programs that teach you how to trade the forex. There are many styles of trading and our Tools will work well with nearly all of them, helping you take your trading to the next level.