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Using the Turbo Tab

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Pick Pairs To See

You select which pairs you want to see on the Turbo tab from the Currency Rates tab. Click Show next to those pairs you want.

As an example, here’s a partial view of the Currency Rates tab. Based on the current settings shown, the GBPJPY would appear on the Turbo Tab. The GBPHKD, GBPMXN, GBPNOK and GBPNZD would not appear on the Turbo Tab.

If you have a lot of pairs displayed and want to show just a few – here’s a shortcut. Begin by clicking NONE next to the option “Select currencies for drop-down menus“. This will de-select all the checkboxes in the Show column.

PS – Don’t click None next to “Select live currencies”. That’s a whole different thing, so don’t get them confused. For the majority of users, you will want to always keep your currencies live, so don’t click None there. (If you accidentally do, just click All to undo having clicked None).

The pairs you choose to SHOW will also be those in the dropdown menu of currencies on each tab. In other words, showing a pair on the Turbo tab is the same as choosing them for the dropdown menus.

Fill in your Stop

As soon as you enter a value in the “Stop” column, a position size will be calculated for you. If you use this size in your trade you will not lose more than the % you entered on the Setup tab.

You can use the tab key on your computer to quickly go from pair to pair.

These settings will remain for you even after you close your Calculator. This makes it easy to trade each day. All you have to do is update your equity (or use the auto-update feature if you’re on MT4), and everything is still filled in. You don’t have to recalculate each trade each time. Fast. Turbo Fast!


Earlier versions of the Calculator required input of only whole integers. If you find your values are disappearing as you enter them round your stop up or down. In other words, if you have a stop of 12.5 try making it either 12 or 13 instead.

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