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Pick Pairs to Show

Pre-Select Within MT4

If you are using MT4, then the first place to begin selecting which currency pairs you want to work with in the Calculator is to pre-select them within your MT4 platform that is used as the DDE engine.

All the pairs that you see in your Market Watch window will be sent to the Calculator when you do the DDE scan. If your market watch window is not showing, use Ctrl+M or choose Market Watch from the View menu of your MT4.

If your list of symbols is what you want but there are just a few pair you don’t want to bring over, then you can individually exclude them by right-clicking on that pair and choosing hide. You can also hit delete to remove it from the symbol list. (Note: you can’t hide a pair with a live trade on it or with an open chart window; close the window first).

If you have many pair that you want to turn on or off, it’s much easier to open the Symbol dialog and choose them there. Right-click on the market watch pane and choose Symbols or use Ctrl+U.

This then opens the Symbols list dialog, from which you can turn on entire groups with one click. To control a group all at once, click on its title (such as ‘FX Majors’ as shown below) and then click Show or Hide on the right.

To control an individual symbol, click the + sign to open up the group then double-click the symbol to toggle it on or off.

In this example, AUDUSD will not show on the Market Watch window

Each broker lists the currency pair they offer in very different ways within the Symbols dialog. You may have to open and inspect many different sub-groups to find the pair you are interested in.

Click SHOW

The Currency Rates tab lets you pick all the pair you want to see in your dropdown menus throughout the Calculator. Notice the far-right column with the Show checkbox:

Whether you’ve brought a few pair over from your MT4 or several dozen listings, the Advanced Calculator gives you the power to control exactly what you want to see in the dropdown currency picker on each tab.

Without this ability, your dropdown menus can get very large and unwieldy. If your list is really long, it takes extra time to find just what you want. We recommend keeping things as simple as you can – so just pre-select the pair that you want to be working with now.

Two Examples

In the first screenshot notice that only 3 pair have been selected in SHOW on the currency rates tab – and the dropdown menu from the Quick tab shows what this then looks like.

In the second screenshot notice that 8 pair have been selected in SHOW on the currency rates tab – and the dropdown menu from the Quick tab shows the longer list.

Contents of Turbo Tab

In addition to the dropdown selectors, the SHOW checkbox also governs what you see on the Turbo tab of the Advanced Calculator. You will only see the currency pair listed on the Turbo tab that you have chosen to Show on the Currency Rates tab.

Shortcut for Show / Hide

If you have a lot of currency pairs showing on your Currency Rates tab and only want a few in your dropdown menu, there is a shortcut you can use.

Notice the grey box on the tab:

Click NONE next to Select currencies for drop-down menus and everything in the Show column will instantly be cleared out. Then you can easily go and turn on just the ones you want to see.

NOTE: Clicking None next to “Select live currencies” is a very different thing – don’t get this mixed up with showing the pairs!

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